Obtaining .edu and .gov Links

.edu and .gov links are highly desired in the seo world because they generally have a small amount of links on their sites, and they themselves are respected by search engines as containing relevant quality content.  Some methods that you can employ to get .edu and .gov links include:

  • Become a sponsor or advertiser – Try to find government or university sites that are accepting sponsors.  You will have to spend money, but you will be obtaining links and possibly ads.   If they do not post ads, see if they offer links to sponsors that donate to them.  Your donation may be considered tax deductible depends on the laws in your area and whether or not the university classifies as a charity.
  • Answer questions – If the site has a forum you can post and answer questions there.  This does not mean spam your links, but if allowed provide a link to your site.
  • Hold an event – Contact the university with the details or your event or contest, if you plan to hold an event for the university students or employs.  If accepted, their website will post your event and link back to your site with more details.

Always be sure to read the rules of the university of government site and ensure that the method that you plan to use complies with these rules.  Be aware that obtaining links from .edu sites is generally much easier than obtaining links from .gov sites.  Additionally, it can be even easier to obtain links from the student sectors of the .edu sites.  Ensure that the content of the site that you want the .gov or .edu site to link to is quality and relevant content as this will make it much smoother.

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Importance of Anchor Text

The anchor text is the text that is shown to the user, so in <a href=””>Webmaster Blog</a>, “Webmaster Blog” is the anchor text.  This anchor text is extremely important because it tells the readers or search engines what type of information this link contains.  When you are linking to another site, ensure to use proper relevant anchor text; additionally, when other sites are linking to you, ensure that this site rightly represents your website.  Below is an example of proper and improper usage of anchor text:

The first link clearly has more relevant anchor text because it states directly what the link is about; the anchor text should be able to stand alone and give the user a complete idea about what this link will have information regarding prior to opening this link.  Furthermore, you can interlink many of your webpages by simply adding links, where relevant, to other webpages on your site that discuss that topic.  For instance, if you mention the terms “smart priced”, then you can use these terms as anchor text to the related webpage: “What are the chances of being smart priced by Google?”  Anchor text has significant importance when it comes to seo, so use it in the correct manner to optimize your website.

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Buying Links Is Improper SEO Practice

Buying links can clearly get you a large amount of links in a short period of time as opposed to organically building these links as your website grows and develops.  “Buying or selling links that pass PageRank is in violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines and can negatively impact a site’s ranking in search results.”  Although it may be tempting to buy links to gain an edge in seo, it will likely have greater negative effects than positive ones.  Google has recently started to crack down on websites that buy and sell links.  Websites can experience serious drops in pagerank and their serps due to improper link exchange.  Of course Google will not punish for paid links if they do not find out, but Google is improving their methods for improper link exchange, and it is quite likely that your site will be punish if it engages in these activities.  Instead of wasting time with paid links which will result in Google penalties, you may just want to effectively buy links by buying a website.  Link exchange should be done in an organic manner as this will improve your seo naturally, and you will not have to worry about your website being punished for selling or buying links.

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Google Attacks Paid Links

Google has cracked down on link selling; this means that websites that do so, will have a lower PageRank and rankings within the Google search engine. Buying paid links is improper seo in the eyes of Google as these links can manipulate search engine rankings. For instance, Stanford Daily originally had a PageRank of 9; however, after Google’s recent update against paid link sellers, their PageRank dropped down 2 to a PageRank of 7 as of early October 2007. Currently, the Stanford Daily has a PageRank of 5; this drop in PageRank can be attributed to link selling. Over the period of 3-4 months, Stanford Daily has taken a large drop when it comes down to PageRank and rankings with Google.

At the time, Google has not automated the process of checking for paid links within a website, so this means that each site which is suspected of selling paid links, must be reviewed by a human.  Also, this also means that a small (most likely none at all) amount of websites will be added to the list of paid link sellers, since this process is not automated. Additionally, Google will review a website upon request, so honest webmasters have nothing to worry about. It looks like Google really is trying to ensure that their search engine is truly optimized by penalizing websites with paid links.

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Google Pagerank

Google’s Pagerank system, also abbreviated as PR, is complex algorithm that ranks websites and webpages on a 0 to 10 logarithmic scale according to the number of incoming links to that particular page.  A link from one webpage to another is in essence a vote for the linked site, however the importance of the webpage with the link scale this vote. This means that a page of greater importance, has a vote that counts more than a page of less importance. Using this and other factors, such as page content, a page’s importance is determined. A page could have 10,000 links pointing to it, yet still have a low Pagerank because the linking webpages have a low importance. Also, a page may only have 10 links directed to it, yet have a relatively high Pagerank because the linking webpages have a high level of importance. Factors influencing a websites Pagerank also include the visibility of a link, placement of the link within the webpage, outbound links from the webpage, and how up to date the linking page is. A useful site to find a website’s Pagerank, as well as, predict its future Pagerank can be found at Google combines both Pagerank and a pages content to ensure that searches provide relevant results.

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