What’s The Bottom Line?

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Original artist: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stopdown/1952930973/At the end of the a day, what do you care about?  Is it number of sales, new feed subscribers, or just overall revenue?  It’s all dependent upon what your values and end goals are.  Maybe it’s a mix of factors that you’re concerned with, and in that case evaluating and improving upon them becomes much more complex.

For the sack of simplicity, let’s say your end goal is driving up revenue.  There are a lot of factors that can cause it to grow that includes everything from increasing the cost of a product to improving the amount of organic traffic.  The trick is understanding how changes you implement actually make a difference.  In order to distinguish what’s happening it’s best to only make a single alteration at a time.

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Search Rankings Aren’t The End All & Be All

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CTR by ranking of the 1st SERPSearch engine rankings aren’t the most important factor when it comes to harvesting organic traffic; click through rate in the SERPs can play a much larger role than you’ve been led to believe. The leaked AOL search data is the only resource we really have to estimate click through rates on the search engine results page. The majority of people will agree that those values are pretty accurate when it comes to estimating the traffic at a certain rank. What most people don’t realize is by how large of a factor you can skew the respective CTRs at different ranks by simply improving what searchers see.
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Only As Good As Your Index Page

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Windows Vista Install Fail - http://www.flickr.com/photos/everdred/171671284/If you run a blog, then your most recent content is what the majority of people will see. It is crucial that all of your posts, especially your newest posts are up to par.  It’s pretty much the same system as job performance or brownie points.  People only remember what you just did, and fail to remember things that didn’t occur in the recent past.  Your latest few posts gives a first impression to your visitors. First impressions are lasting, and if visitors don’t like what they see on your index page, then they will surely exit your site. In order to keep visitors from leaving your homepage you need to captivate your audience and create content for your customers.  A good website design and layout can grab a users attention initially, but to keep them on your site quality content is essential. Continue reading ‘Only As Good As Your Index Page’

It’s All About the Links

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After a certain point search engine optimization is all about links.  You can only generate so much quality content or do so much on page optimization.  This isn’t to say that on page optimization is pointless, but after you spend enough time doing it, you’ll see little benefit for the amount of time you input.  Every other factor search engine ranking factor has a theoretical cap with regards to how much you can do to maximize it.  Links on the other hand are limitless.
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Who Are You Writing For?

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It’s a simple question: Are you writing for people or for search engines?

Writing for search engines is easy.  You take your knowledge about a topic and simply regurgitate it as text as quickly as possible while including those all important keywords.  If you are a bit lazier you might not even write original and just plain bad content, you’ll take an article already written on the issue and simply rewrite it, so that you trick search engines to think its unique content.  And if you are even lazier, you’ll just take that article, run it through a spinner, and repost it to save yourself valuable time.
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