Finding a Decent Proxy Web Host

After a bit of searching around, I finally found a web host that specifically catered to proxy based websites. They are a relatively small web host, but that is due to the fact that they only accept proxy websites. Additionally, they only host php proxies because cgi proxy are simply just too intensive on servers. Cloak Host is an excellent web host that lets little proxy websites get into the larger market. Not many people can start off a proxy website or websites by simply paying for a dedicated server, so Cloak Host hosts only for small and middle sized proxy websites. There are a few other similar proxy web hosts as plausible options, but Cloak Host provided me with the best amount of bandwidth for my money. If you are considering attempting to run a proxy website on another web host (one that isn’t specifically for proxies), then you really ought to ask this host prior to signing up, if they will drop you because of your cpu use as proxies are quite resource intensive in this area.  Make sure that you: research a variety of web hosts, ask questions, get the answers that you need, read the TOS (Terms of Service), and then sign up for a web host that meets your needs.

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Interesting Website Hosting Deals

Recently, I have seen numerous website hosts offering packages that include credit to advertising sites, such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc. For instance, Godaddy offers $20 to Google Adwords and $25 to Microsoft Adcenter if you purchase their Economy Plan.
Godaddy Economy Hosting Plan
Note that the 12 month Economy Plan only costs $43.08 ($3.59 per month), and you will receive $45 in credit for these advertising sites as part of the plan.

Sounds too good to be true right? Well there are certain conditions for each of these credits. For Google Adwords, you must apply for an account within 15 days, be a new Google Adword customer, only use the credits on the domain hosted, and pay a $5 activation fee. For Microsoft Adcenter, you must apply for an account within 90 days, be a new Microsoft Adcenter customer, limited to one per customer, only valid for USA residents, and pay a $5 activation fee. Even with these certain conditions, it is still quite a reasonable deal granted you are able to use the credit.

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