Obtaining .edu and .gov Links

.edu and .gov links are highly desired in the seo world because they generally have a small amount of links on their sites, and they themselves are respected by search engines as containing relevant quality content.  Some methods that you can employ to get .edu and .gov links include:

  • Become a sponsor or advertiser – Try to find government or university sites that are accepting sponsors.  You will have to spend money, but you will be obtaining links and possibly ads.   If they do not post ads, see if they offer links to sponsors that donate to them.  Your donation may be considered tax deductible depends on the laws in your area and whether or not the university classifies as a charity.
  • Answer questions – If the site has a forum you can post and answer questions there.  This does not mean spam your links, but if allowed provide a link to your site.
  • Hold an event – Contact the university with the details or your event or contest, if you plan to hold an event for the university students or employs.  If accepted, their website will post your event and link back to your site with more details.

Always be sure to read the rules of the university of government site and ensure that the method that you plan to use complies with these rules.  Be aware that obtaining links from .edu sites is generally much easier than obtaining links from .gov sites.  Additionally, it can be even easier to obtain links from the student sectors of the .edu sites.  Ensure that the content of the site that you want the .gov or .edu site to link to is quality and relevant content as this will make it much smoother.

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