Importance of Anchor Text

The anchor text is the text that is shown to the user, so in <a href=””>Webmaster Blog</a>, “Webmaster Blog” is the anchor text.  This anchor text is extremely important because it tells the readers or search engines what type of information this link contains.  When you are linking to another site, ensure to use proper relevant anchor text; additionally, when other sites are linking to you, ensure that this site rightly represents your website.  Below is an example of proper and improper usage of anchor text:

The first link clearly has more relevant anchor text because it states directly what the link is about; the anchor text should be able to stand alone and give the user a complete idea about what this link will have information regarding prior to opening this link.  Furthermore, you can interlink many of your webpages by simply adding links, where relevant, to other webpages on your site that discuss that topic.  For instance, if you mention the terms “smart priced”, then you can use these terms as anchor text to the related webpage: “What are the chances of being smart priced by Google?”  Anchor text has significant importance when it comes to seo, so use it in the correct manner to optimize your website.

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