Finding And Fixing Broken Inbound Links

To find the broken inbound links in a quick manner, I suggest using the Google Webmaster Tools which provides a report that shows inbound links pointing to nonexistent webpages.  Inbound links are an important factor in search engine rankings, so you do not want to link to pages that do not exist as this will have no affect on your serps.  Additionally, broken links are not user friendly and can agitate your visitors.  You may have accidentally created broken internal links by making your website have keyword friendly urls.  To fix these broken inbound links, you can contact the sites that are linking to the nonexistent webpages, or the easier method is to just fix it yourself using 301 permanently moved redirects.  It is essential that you fix broken links as your website’s full potential is not taken advantage of with broken links.  By fixing broken inbound links, you can improve your visitor experience and improve your search engine rankings at the same time.

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