Buying Links By Buying Websites

Instead of buying links, which violates Google’s webmaster guidelines, you can buy existing websites that are related to your niche.  Granted it costs more to buy an entire website as opposed to a link, this is a legitimate method of acquiring links to your website, but can also benefit you in other ways.  You are not only acquiring potential links to your website when you buy another, but you are gaining all of the content, age, and authority that this domain may have.  You can choose to simply add links on the existing website that you purchased to pass on some PageRank to your website, or you can slowly move the content to your domain.  If you choose to move the content, then be aware that you should slowly 301 redirect pages over to your site; if you 301 redirect all of the pages to your website at once, then search engines will be suspicious.  After you have moved all of the content to your domain, you should see noticeable changes in your existing website as the content, age, and authority will be passed on.  By buying a website that is in a related niche, you can significantly improve your own website by slowly transferring the website, or by adding a few links to your website and maintaining the website that your bought.  Both of these methods can have great impacts and improve your website through the acquisition of another.

~ by admin on December 24, 2008.

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