Power of Pictures

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I used to work as a clerk at a gourmet prepared food shop, and they sold sandwiches for something like $9 each.  People didn’t even hesitate to pay that price probably because they were tourists or they valued the exquisite food that we made.  Anyways, when I was first working there I used to glob dijon mustard on sandwiches like it was mayo.  My boss saw this one day and asked, “Did he ask for excessive amounts of dijon?”  I replied with a hesitant, “Uh no, why?”  She had me taste some dijon, and from then on out I put on easily one tenth of what I used to spread on.  I can laugh about it now, but I still feel bad for all of those unfortunate souls that paid $9 for a sandwich only to have a horribly unpleasant facial expression of shock with eyes wide open.  I learned that more is not always better.
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Linking, Commenting, & Networking

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Interacting with the community of your niche is an essential step for success.  If you want people to know your website exists, then you’ll need to start engaging in these activities.

Writing superb content just doesn’t cut it anymore.  You can create a website or blog with cutting edge and novel content, but unless you promote it no one will find it.  Well, a few people might accidentally type in the url for your site and discover it, but the market you are targeting will be oblivious to your existence.  In order for people to find your website, you need to market it.
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So We’ve Moved

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Well we’re decided to move this SEO blog to another url.  This means that our old url (http://slxls.com/blog/) will now be 301 redirected to our new location (http://seoly.com/).

I feel that that the new url is much more appropriate and suitable for the purpose of this blog.  Our old url was really just a place where a wide mix of my project have grown.  This blog has evolved, we’ve decided to stop writing crap content, and in doing so it has outgrown its old 5 letter domain for a new catchier one.  It may not be a palindrome, but it is much more memorable, brandable, and just plain better.

Stop Reading & Start Writing

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How much time do you spend per day just reading? An hour, two, maybe even more.

If you spent that time writing, how much quality content could you create? A couple fantastic posts probably.

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Refining Your Domain & Website Portfolio

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How many side project do you have piling up (that you know in the back of your mind you won’t ever complete)?

How many domains and/or websites have you acquired that are just idling, not generating revenue, and eating renewal fees?

If you answered any number other than 0, then you ought to reexamine your website and domain portfolio and take action. You need to look at domains and websites while accounting for their potential future value.  For instance, a domain like 3dmovies.net might currently be losing money as a parked page, but I’m certain that in the next few years its value will only increase.  Try to anticipate the future and decide what your next move will be from there. Continue reading ‘Refining Your Domain & Website Portfolio’