Gotta Love Quick Flips

Making well over a $100 per hour has never been easier while flipping websites:

I’m going to refrain from adding 10-20 more proof pictures, otherwise this would just look like a sleazy eBook product minus the “real” reviews from satisfied customers.

The process if pretty simple: Buy a website for $100-$300, then sell the same website for $500-$1,000 at another platform.  However, this method is easier said then done, and if you don’t know what you’re doing you can end up with a number of websites and a lot of wasted time.  Websites that I try to buy have the following specifications:

  • Established website with authority and trust
  • Age of 1+ year – the older the better
  • Numerous quality backlinks – the more (diverse) the better
  • Not deindexed in search engines
  • Little maintenance required
  • Revenue: $0+ / month
  • Traffic: 0+ / month

Basically the websites you are looking to purchase have trust and authority, but their potential has not yet been fully utilized.  Finding a website with these sort of specifications can be a bit of a challenge at least when you are trying to find a bargain.  When I’m skimming through the WTS websites threads on my favorite domain name / website forums, I probably find a website with this criteria every other day.

I will caution everyone that you should not just simply buy any website that you think meets these specifications.  A lot of the websites you will be considering aren’t really what you want.  Be more selective than your gut tells you, and if something looks sour it probably is.

Another thing to consider is you might want to limit your selection of websites by niche.  Instead of purchasing any website that fits, only buy the ones that are in a niche you have some interest in.  This way if you don’t turn a quick flip, you can further develop the website and essentially buy links by buying websites.

If the website doesn’t sell quickly (within a week), then you are not S.O.L.  I’d suggest that you fix up the website a bit by addressing on page optimization issues, adding new content, etc. depending on how much time you want to invest.  Let it continue to marinate for a few months, and then relist it for sale again on forums and/or Flippa.  If you bought a quality website, then it won’t lose it’s value over time.

Obviously the larger the budget you have, the less variance you are going to see with your return on investment.  You will occasionally get a few duds that you can’t sell for a profit, so you can cut your minimal losses or just incorporate them into your portfolio.  On the whole though once you get the hang of it, flipping these type of sites can be extremely profitable.

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