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Catchy, creative, and controversial titles can do wonders for your blog posts; they can attract readers, scare readers away, and even drive completely unrelated traffic to your website.  Plus, if you ever let your domain drop, at least someone else will now have a chance to make it into an altogether different website while maintaining your url structure.  Titles grab attention and can stimulate someone’s interest in a subject.  What is a more appealing title or would you more likely click on?

Stop Writing S.H.I.T

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Obviously you can see that the unique, catchy, and controversial title is going to grab more readers.  This does not mean that you should forget generic titles; it means that you should spice up your blog with a spark of life when you can.  Also, using creative titles will encourage you to think outside the box more. Using original titles will be a means of ensuring that your content is different.  The web is full of spam from spun or rewritten articles; instead of blending in the the rest of the crowd, stick out with some titles that slap your readers with a sense of zest.

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