Dollarade – The CPALead Alternative?

Dollarade is a CPALead like company that employs a slightly different method for users to complete surveys or offers. The benefit of Dollarade’s gateway is that it only covers the Flash content of your website; this is perfect for tv or movie streaming websites.  It allows your visitors to navigate around your website; they can actually see your content without needing to complete a survey.  Additionally, the Dollarade gateway will tend to get a higher conversion ratio for the same survey because the user will know that a working video exists on your webpage; whereas with CPALead, they may see a video under your gateway, but they do not know that it works.  I have previously compared CPALead revenue against CPM and popup revenue on the same website; the results were an over 500% increase in revenue when CPALead was implemented.  I have done a similar comparison of CPALead against Dollarade on the same website:

Period Revenue Page Views Conv. % CPM Other Info
July 2009 1,028.98 153,405 19 6.71
August 2009 1,449.24 193,610 21 7.49
September 2009 4,003.38 426,910 19 9.38 Season Started
October 2009 3,866.42 410,275 16 9.42
Cumulative 2009
10,348.02 1,184,200 18 8.74 CPALead Average
November 2009
(7 days in)
795.84 88,238 20 9.02 Dollarade

It is interesting to see that Dollarade ended up generated better revenue overall due to a higher conversion ratio; it is likely that this is because Dollarade uses a slightly different method than CPALead to encourage users to complete offers.  Please note that even though Dollarade did generate more revenue per thousand visitors, it was only a slight increase; you should experiment between these two networks yourself to see if your results vary.  Also, Dollarade’s greatest strength (only covering Flash content) is also its weakness.  If you have a movie or tv streaming website with links to other sources (Supernova, WiseVid, etc.), your visitors will simply be able to click on these links without completing a survey offer.  You may need to rework part of your website, so that you are able to implement Dollarade to its full capacity.

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2 Responses to “Dollarade – The CPALead Alternative?”

  1. I ran the same tests and had a more noticeable difference between Dollarade and CPALead than you. Dollarade increased revenue by around 25% which is pretty impressive!

  2. my earnings weren’t so great, but you made me realize i wasn’t using the gateway to its full potential. people weren’t required to do a survey to get the link to an offsite video, but i just finished converting the link into a iframe so we’ll see how it does now

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