CPALead Revisited

I first mentioned CPALead months ago when it was a newer CPA program within the industry.  Since then, CPALead has distinguished themselves as an excellent choice for webmasters when they are considering CPA advertising.  For example, I just started to use CPALead on a watch tv online niche website, and the earnings have skyrocketed even though it is currently the tv off season. I have left my CPM ads and Adversal in page popups on the main pages and implemented CPALead on the episode pages.

Period CPM Ads Adversal CPALead Total Revenue Page Views CPM Other Information
January 2009 361.86 327.46 0 689.32 628,208 1.10
Febuary 2009 309.76 243.96 0 553.72 529,620 1.05
March 2009 303.82 181.79 0 485.61 421,126 1.15
April 2009 443.01 171.54 0 614.55 493,125 1.25
May 2009 423.48 174.06 0 597.54 418,777 1.43 Season ended
June 2009 154.44 67.11 0 221.55 201,270 1.10
July 2009 63.23 27.51 1,028.98 1,119.72 153,405 7.30 CPALead implemented

Not only does the addition of CPA advertising dramatically increase the website’s profit, but the average CPM increases substantially.  Instead of making ~$1.18 / 1,000 page views, this website is making $7.30 / 1,000 page views.  This means that when this tv series starts up again with their new season I will be earning thousands of dollars per month instead of hundreds per month.  Over a 500% increase in profit margin can be seen after the implementation of CPALead on this website.  Note that the profit from CPA ads is a lot bouncier and more variable on a daily basis compared to CPM ads; this website earned anywhere from $20 to $75 from CPALead depending on the day.  Acknowledge that daily profits may be more variable when using CPA ads, but for this website average profit saw a considerable increase.  Does this mean that you should use CPALead on all of your websites?  Absolutely not; CPALead works fantastic on some websites, but on others it may even drop your net profit and CPM.  If you do plan on implementing CPALead or other CPA advertising methods, I strongly encourage you to track your CPM and profit over the period of a week or month, so that you can see if CPALead (You loss nothing by signing up under my referral code) is the right thing for your website.

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12 Responses to “CPALead Revisited”

  1. Hey. Great post. I am already using cpalead and your post gave me an insightful view into monetizing my sites properly.

    I was wondering though, what cpm ad networks do you use? And is adversal good to use as it is pretty annoying?

    Thanks for your help.

    • I was using the following CPM ad networks: Right Media Network (Yahoo), Bannerconnect Network, Kitara Media Inc, Morning Falls, and Meta Network; they paid ~$0.20-0.25 CPM ($0.75 CPM in reality since I had 3 ads per page) which was decent. Adversal can be considered annoying, but I set their in page popups (the least intrusive of their ads) to show only 2 times / 30 minute user session. I’d suggest using Adversal only on certain websites, such as streaming, proxy, etc., otherwise it is just not worth the hassle to your users.

  2. Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.

  3. Hey, how are you driving traffic to your niche tv show site? Youtube, PPC, etc?

    • Traffic is driven there through search engines and direct referrals. It is really an endless supply of visitors, and quite a few of them come back time after time as long as you provide what you site says it does.

  4. Thanks for the prompt answer! I also have a movie/tv niche website. Do you worry about the legal issues?

    • I host my tv show websites offshore and just embed the videos, so I don’t worry about legal issues. I am yet to receive a DMCA takedown notice for any of my websites (most have been running for 1 year+).

  5. Oh, what offshore hosting do you use if you don’t mind me asking?

  6. Thanks for the info!

  7. Keep us updated with your CPALead ventures, too! 🙂

  8. […] traffic statistics and your revenue to ensure that it is actually generating more revenue.  In our CPALead Revisited post, we do exactly this and compare our earning prior to using the CPALead gateway and after it […]

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