Reoptimizing Keywords

I recently realized on one of my sites that I needed to reoptimize my site for different keywords.  Originally, long tail keywords were targeted with regards to seo, which consisted of the main keyword and 1 or 2 related search words.  After glancing at my organic seo traffic report in Google Analytics, I noticed that I was actually getting more traffic from the main keyword than from all of the long tail keyword terms that I was targeting along with it.  In Google, the site ranked 3-8 for the long tail keywords and ranked 17th for the main keyword.  It was necessary to make some changes to the website in order to optimize it for the main keyword, which would greatly benefit the site regarding the traffic it would bring in.  The title tag of the site contained the main keyword and the majority of the long tail keyword, which gave it a length of 6 words.  To improve the seo of the website, the title tag was change to only include the main keyword.  This was the only change that was made on the website, but the results were quite incredible.  The website’s seo greatly improved for the main keyword to a rank of 9; although, the long tail terms did drop slightly to rank at 4-10.  The amount of traffic that was brought in by this seo reoptimization definitely compensated for the small loss in long tail keywords ranking.  It is sometimes necessary to look at a site’s optimization for keywords and the traffic that they bring.  After comparing the keywords, it may be beneficial to reoptimize your website, so that you shift the keywords that the webpage targets.  Even a small change can produce impressive results regarding seo while reoptimizing a webpages keywords.

~ by admin on January 4, 2009.

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