Content Is Not King?

Content is not king in the modern search engine era in which websites exist now.  Links have a much greater impact on search engine results than one might want to acknowledge.  Google bombing actually proves that links can play a much larger role than content regarding search engine ranking.  Granted that in these Google bombing incident the results were later fixed and the sites return to their normal rankings, it still justifies the importance of linking.  If a site that is unrelated to a keyword can rank first simply from links, then a site with related content to a keyword can easily rank first because of links.  Acquiring the number of links to attain and maintain the first ranking may be a challenge but it is definitely a feasible option.  Websites really do not need to have amazing quality content to rank first for their keyword and this can be seen in many Google searches.  If you search a keyword phase, many of the sites in the top 10 ranking will likely address what you are looking for, but there are sure to be better more in depth website hidden further back in the rankings.  Websites attain top rankings for keywords because of links and many websites remain as undiscovered paradises because they lack the links to achieve better rankings in the search engines.  Content is not king and links are king, but we look at the other side of this issue in content is king.

~ by admin on January 6, 2009.

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