Content Is King

In contradiction to our last post: Content Is Not King?, we will give the reasons that content is the true way to create a quality website.  When you make a website that has unique content of substantial quality, you’re site will grow and develop.  Although it is possible to attain high search engine rankings through links, content can have a much greater impact on your rankings within search engines.  Quality content will generate natural links and promotion through other websites once it is discovered.  It may take time for your original site to be found, but once it is websites can grow at exponential rates regarding search engine rankings.  One site might link to an article of yours, which will encourage another site to do the same, and this spread will continue throughout your niche.  Content is king because if original, it gives users new ideas, can spread like wildfire, and can take advantage of organic seo.  Spending time developing content has the advantages of link building with due time, but it also provides many more benefits.  Original content will enables websites to grow to their full potential in a natural manner.

~ by admin on January 16, 2009.

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