Proper Usage of Meta Tags

Properly using meta tags can improve your serps; whereas improper usage of meta tags can hurt your site regarding seo.  The key meta tags that are important regarding seo now are your websites title tag and description tag.  The reason for the great importance of these two meta tags is that they are seen by potential viewers from search engines.  These tags should be related to your pages content and the keywords that this page targets.  By being consistent with the usage of your keywords in your content and in your title as well as description, this will drive targeted visitors to your website and improve your seo.  Many studies have shown that users are more likely to click on links that contain their search term in the title tag on search engines.  Additionally, the description tag is of significance because most users read your site’s description before clicking on the link via the search engine; a bad description tag can turn potential visitors away from your site.  These are the reasons that properly using title tags and description tags is of vital importance and the strong effects that these factors can have on your website regarding seo.

~ by admin on December 5, 2008.

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