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Having keyword friendly urls is an extremely important part of seo.  Let’s take two urls for example and compare how they will do: (1) vs. (2)  The first url does not include any of the keywords and it lacks any description as to what the page will contain.  It is clear that you want to include your targeted keywords in the url of a page.  This will significantly improve how a particular page ranks for those keywords.  I recently worked on one of my sites that had non-search engine friendly urls.  They were not quite as nondescriptive as the first example, but I went though individual pages on the site and reworked the urls to include the keywords that the particular page targeted.  I used 301 redirects to fix the broken links and allows the search engines to realize that I had permanently moved these urls to another location.  After this change so that my urls matched the second example, it took a while for the search engines to accounted for this move and reindexed the pages, but after that time I saw that these pages started to rank much better for their keywords.  Even though creating urls with your keywords in them sounds like common sense, we sometimes neglect to do it or need to rework old errors.  I assure you that changing your urls to make them seo friendly with your keywords in them will have a noticeable difference when it comes to serps.

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