Why Use CPALead?

One of the commonly used CPA advertisers today is CPALead (You loss nothing by signing up under my referral code). Some people use the CPALead gateway on their sites that basically make users work to gain access to their premium content; we  have discussed specific methods of utilizing CPALead in a variety of niches.  Pages can be inaccessible with the addition of CPALead until a visitor completes a survey.  These completely surveys pay the affiliate (the website owner) amounts that range from $0.18-$15+ depending on which survey is completed.  Most of the surveys that pay over $1 require the user to sign up for something and pay some money up front, so generally these are much less likely to be completed.  This basically means that you will earn an average of $0.50 for each user that completes the survey.  Unfortunately only a few websites can employ CPA advertising effectively.  In general though, forcing users to complete CPA surveys through CPALead will drive some visitors away, but it can be much more profitable than CPC, CPM, popups, or popunders when it comes to advertising.  Some niches that can effectively employ CPALead are incentive websites that gives users access to premium content, streaming tv episodes, or even websites that pay the users part of amount that they make from each survey.  CPA advertising with the CPALead gateway can definitely not be used in most niches, but it can be successfully utilized in a few specific niches.  If your website seems like a potential user of CPALead, I encourage you to sign up, but monitor your traffic statistics and your revenue to ensure that it is actually generating more revenue.  In our CPALead Revisited post, we do exactly this and compare our earning prior to using the CPALead gateway and after it was implemented.

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  2. it’s the perfect money making company, unlike adsense or any other CPA or CPC’s you cannot encourage/force users to sign up or click links, it only takes a good strategy to generate income from cpalead.

  3. CPAlead is a great way to make extra income, for me it is a job.

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  5. CPALead is great if you know how to put up good content and promote it.

  6. CPALead is great for anyone with any experience in SEO.

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