What Is Adsense Smart Pricing?

When your Adsense account start to generate CTR (click through rates) of lower than 1%, you are in danger of being smart priced.  If your Adsense account has been smart priced, you will experience a extreme drop in earning.  A click that used to generate $0.50 on average will now only generate $0.05; this means that you will only be received 10% of what clicks used to be worth, if you were smart priced.  Additionally, if you have been smart priced, your entire Adsense account will be affected, not just the low CTR websites.  To avoid smart pricing, you can remove low CTR websites from your Adsense accounts and display other ads on those websites.  Also, you may choose to only show Adsense text or image ads to visitors that are directed to your site from search engines.  These visitors will be more targeted than visitors from other sources.  If you only show Adsense ads to visitors from search engines, you will increase your CTR and be able to avoid smart pricing due to previous low CTR websites.  Once you implement these changes to an account that has been smart priced, you should see your earning return to their previous values in about a week or less.

~ by admin on November 8, 2008.

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