Search Engine Market Share

The market share of the larger search engines are as follows: Google – 60%, Yahoo – 18%, MSN – 12%, AOL – 4%, and Ask – 2%.  Google clearly has the largest presence with regards to search engines, while Yahoo has a decent portion of the business, and MSN has a small but still noticeable presence.  Even though Google has 60% of the market, that is still only 10% more than half of the market share of search engines.  This means that as webmasters, we can not simply focus our attention on Google regarding search engine optimization.  If a webmaster solely optimizes their web site for Google, they are in reality missing out on a potential 40% of searches.  Recently, I have seen may webmasters concentrating all of their effort on their ranking with Google and completely neglecting the other search engines.  If a webmaster is creating quality content, positive link building, etc. then your rankings in all of the search engines should be fairly constant.  Instead of optimizing your site for a certain search engine, focus on all of them and your website will gain exposure and grow even more in a universal manner.

~ by admin on November 4, 2008.

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