Creative Keyword Domain Names

Selecting a domain name that contains your keywords, remains memorable for visitors, and is actually open for registration, can be quite a challenge.  Some people may choose a shorter 3 character domain name so that it is easily memorable for visitors, but a domain with your keyords is ideal for reaping the benefits of organic seo.  For instance, if I want to create a website for watching House M.D. online, I might consider the keywords: stream, watch, house, online, or episodes.  Obviously, many of the preferred domains have already been registered, such as watchhouse, watchhouseonline, watchhouseepisodes, etc.   Instead of forcing myself to register a domain like houseonlineepisodesstream or housonlineepisodeswatch, which are both long and not in the preferred order for keywords, there is something else you can try.  Combining the last letter of the word with the first letter of the next word; for example, the keywords watch and house can be combined into watchouse.  Search engine will still recognize both keywords (watch and house) in your domain name, but you will be able to register a quality domain name that is actually open.  I recently did this with the domain name  On Google it started to rank on the second and third pages a few days after registration with no promotion.  After about a week of limited promotion, this domain started to rank on the first page for all of its keywords.  Keywords in your websites domain name or url are obviously very important for serps (Search Engine Results Page), but you can’t always find the domains that you want open.  With this tip you can combine your keywords in quite a few situations to be able to get a desirable domain name.

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