CPM Ad Rates Drop 11% in Q3 2008

According to The Rubicon Project, CPM ad rates dropped 11% from the second quarter to the third quarter of 2008.  Although, the CPM ad rates have continued there downward spiral, there is significant opportunity within advertising online.  This CPM ad rate drop can be attributed to the downturn in the global economy.  Many companies have reevaluated how much money they will be spending on online advertising.  Regardless of the cutbacks in online advertising, growth has been made within the industry with regards to stronger technology, niche targeting, etc.  These improvements allow advertisers to receive more targeted traffic that is more likely to convert.  Currently online advertising can take advantage of the CPM ad rate drop situation because the amount that they pay per ad, visitor, and in the end, the action of the users to purchase their product all costs them less due to this drop in CPM rates.  Although CPM rates have continued to drop, there is definitely opportunity within the online advertising marketplace.

~ by admin on November 13, 2008.

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