Chance Of Smart Pricing On Your Blog

With our recent post about what smart pricing is, who it affects, and how to avoid it, we figured we mention that blogs appear to be high in likelihood to get smart priced.  Generally blogs get the majority of their traffic from return readers or social bookmarking.  Both of these groups are quite unlikely to click ads; this will generally result in a click through rate below 1% in most blogs.  What really matters when it comes to smart pricing though, is the actual conversion rate of these visitors that click on the ads.  Even though one of your websites or blogs may have a conversion rate of 0.25%, it may not be smart priced.  The reason for this is that the traffic that is directed to these advertiser is highly likely to convert.  Even though we said that websites with a click through rate of below 1% are likely to get smart priced, this is not completely true.  This was a generalization for most websites, but blogs do not fit into this trend.  I suggest that you do not worry about getting smart priced on any of your websites, especially your blogs.  If you are smart priced, you will know it, and then you can make the appropriate changes to your websites.

~ by admin on November 9, 2008.

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