Adversal: The New Generation of Popups

Adversal is an excellent option for many publishers to monetize their websites compared to Adsense image or text ads.  They are unique from other ad services in that their popups are inpage and they pay per impression.  Many CPM networks only pay per UV (unique visitor) per 24 hour period.  Adversal on the other hand pays per PV (page view).  If you have a site that gets 10,000 UV and 50,000 PV per day, and are getting $0.80 CPM (Adversals minimum) and the same CPM via another ad service, you would make $40, 5 times more using Adversal. Adversal’s inpage popups are very appealing to me as they are much less intrusive to visitors.  I set my Adversal inpage popups to only show twice per 30 minute user session.  In reality though poups, even inpage popups, can be a hassle and drive visitors away from your site.  I feel that 2 ads per 30 minute session is a reasonable amount to generate a significant amount of revenue, but also maintain visitor loyalty and visitor’s enjoyment of stay.  There is an excellent way to combine conventional CPM advertising along with Adversal, so that you maintain minimal hassle to visitors but create an optimal level of revenue from visitors.

Combining regular CPM networks with Adversal can lead to a great increase in profit from your sites.  I have doubled and even tripled the revenue on some of my websites by applying Adversal and CPM networks without any adverse affects to my bounce rate or length of visit.  This all sounds great, but getting into the Adversal publisher network can be challenging.  It all depends on your niche, percent of traffic that comes from North America, and the quality of your site.  If you get rejected by Adversal, try applying with another website of a different niche.  You can always add sites into your account after you are accepted.   I encourage you to try out Adversal in combination with conventional CPM networks.

~ by admin on November 1, 2008.

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