Yahoo + MSN (Microsoft) vs. Google?

If Microsoft’s purchase of Yahoo does go through, which seems to be a likely possibility at the time being, how will the search engine industry change?  I believe that the MSN  and Yahoo’s combination will have a greater chance to steal market share from Google.  A sharing of technology after the potential merger could mean better algorithms, which would result in overall better results to compete with Google.  However, at the heart of this issue lies Google’s strong hold on the search engine market.  Google’s name is known everywhere and their reputation is well respected.  I feel that Google’s search engine simply produces better results in the majority of situation due to better algorithms, which simply out power their competition: Yahoo, MSN, etc.  If the Microsoft’s merger with Yahoo does happen, will these two David’s be able to encroach further into the search engine industry that Goliath Google has under control?  The merger opens the possibility for growth, but in the end I think that Google will still dominate the search engine industry unless they really drop the ball many, many times.

~ by admin on February 2, 2008.

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