Scientology Google Bombed?

If you searched the term dangerous cult on Google, the first result that you will see is a Scientology website.
Scientology - Dangerous Cult Google Bomb

The question is: Can this really be categorized as Google Bombing, getting a large amount of websites to link to a specific website with certain keywords, so that the linked website appears ranked first when the keyword or keywords are searched? The website does in fact have the word dangerous on it; however, the word cult only appears in links pointing at this website. This situation is remarkable similar to the Google Bombing of George Bush with the keywords failure or miserable failure. Ultimately, we can say that this Scientology website was Google Bombed. Although, recall that Google eventually did alter their algorithm to end this Google Bombing for George Bush – likely the end effect was pages including the keywords ranked higher than pages only linked without the keywords contained. So, how long with this Scientology Google Bombing last for?

~ by admin on January 30, 2008.

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