Google Attacks Paid Links

Google has cracked down on link selling; this means that websites that do so, will have a lower PageRank and rankings within the Google search engine. Buying paid links is improper seo in the eyes of Google as these links can manipulate search engine rankings. For instance, Stanford Daily originally had a PageRank of 9; however, after Google’s recent update against paid link sellers, their PageRank dropped down 2 to a PageRank of 7 as of early October 2007. Currently, the Stanford Daily has a PageRank of 5; this drop in PageRank can be attributed to link selling. Over the period of 3-4 months, Stanford Daily has taken a large drop when it comes down to PageRank and rankings with Google.

At the time, Google has not automated the process of checking for paid links within a website, so this means that each site which is suspected of selling paid links, must be reviewed by a human.  Also, this also means that a small (most likely none at all) amount of websites will be added to the list of paid link sellers, since this process is not automated. Additionally, Google will review a website upon request, so honest webmasters have nothing to worry about. It looks like Google really is trying to ensure that their search engine is truly optimized by penalizing websites with paid links.

~ by admin on January 21, 2008.

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