A Website’s Relationship to the Universe

A website is similar to the universe in many respects. All of the websites and web pages within the World Wide Web are synonymous to the stars, planets, and galaxies of the universe. A website may be quite useful with the information that it provides on a specific topic, however it takes time for this website to become recognized by the surrounding community. Everyday, new things are discovered in our universe, and we have barely touched upon the depth of our world; additionally, new websites are found and links formed. Having a great website with relevant information on a topic does not guarantee a high rank for keywords within search engines, which can help gain visitors and reputation. Advertising campaigns and spreading the word of your site (via user’s positive feedback) can help your website get recognized faster by search engines and related sites, but this process takes time. As the universe continues to expand, we learn more and more about our surroundings; likewise as the internet grows, new websites are found and brought into the light.

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