Popups, Popunders, Both, or Neither?

Popup and popunder ads through Adversal, especially, compared to other publishers can be an effective way to generate more revenue than CPM or CPC ads; the CPM rates range from $1 to $5. While comparing these values to nonpopups and nonpopunder CPM values, you will see that popups and popunders can earn you 5-20 times more than regular CPM ad campaigns. However, is this extra revenue really worth it?

Popups and popunder ads can be one of the most annoying things while a users is browsing the web. When deciding to use popups or popunder ad campaigns, it is important to consider the side effects on your website visitors. How negative will the effect be on your visitors? Will your new visitor bounce rate jump enormously when you decide to display these ads? Will your visitors be understanding and accept these ads because the site needs money to run? Balancing whether to use popups and popunders with the effects that they may cause is extremely important.

Even if the rates of popups and popunders look enticing, you may be able to generate the same revenue with less hassle upon your visitors with the use of regular CPM or CPC ads. I strongly suggest that you consider using alternative methods to popups and popunder ad campaigns before diving into that area.

If you have decided to use popup or popunder ad campaigns, there are some nice features for publishers. Popups and popunders can only be displayed when a users enter, exits, or views a specific number of pages. You can also limit them, so that you will only show a single popup or popunder per 6 hour, 24 hours, 1 week, etc. These features are useful with respect to creating conditions that make popups and popunders less of a hassle upon your visitors.

I have chosen to avoid popups and popunders ad campaigns on most of my sites because I feel that they will be too much of an annoyance upon visitors, which in turn will lose your website popularity and reputation. I believe that this trade off is usually not worth the additional revenue.

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